With over twenty years of writing, publishing, and network marketing experience behind us, we are uniquely qualified to help you produce the book you’ve always wanted to write.

What Kind of a Book Do You Want?

Do you have self help advice to offer? Fascinating life experiences others would want to hear about? A breakthrough business idea that could change your industry?

We love to make stories come to life, and we are eager to find unique ways to communicate ideas that captivate readers.

We can write business books, memoirs, self-help books, personal histories, and travelogues.

From Start to Finish

Our services are personalized to your specific needs.

We can take your book from initial concept to published work or do any of the steps in between. We will write your book, edit and proofread, format the manuscript for publication, and print it on your request.

Steps to Writing Your Book

1. Together we generate a concept and identify the category and target audience
2. We map out a structure for the book (chapters, topics, applications)
3. We gather information by conducting interviews, reading journals, and collecting stories
4. We write a first draft of the book
5. When the first draft is complete, we rewrite and edit
6. We send the first draft to you for changes, corrections, and additions
7. We write additional drafts—as many as we need to feel satisfied with the manuscript
8. We edit the final draft and send it to you for approval
9. Once the final draft is approved, we format it for printing and ebook distribution
10. We arrange for cover design and formatting
11. We work with a printer to print your book
12. We arrange for retail and online distribution
13. We develop and implement a marketing plan

Our fees vary depending on length of book and which of our services you use. Contact us for more information about cost and availability.