Many world-changing discoveries have been born from a single flash of insight. There are countless examples of people who were stuck, sometimes for years, with problems they couldn’t solve or questions they couldn’t answer and then unexpectedly, the answers arrived like a flash of light. Einstein’s theories on light, time, and gravity came to him in an instant. Geneticist Barbara McClintock, author J.K. Rowling, and printer Johannes Gutenberg all had similar experiences.

Getting a profound answer, an Aha! Moment, or a flash of insight is not a magical event for the unprepared. These sudden insights tend to come when we follow a centuries-old process for coming up with Big Ideas. We call this process the Big Ideas Creative Thinking Model – The Five I’s of Inspiration.

First—Identify: Clearly define what you want to understand or discover.
Second—Ideate: Develop your idea and gather information.
Third—Incubate: Stop thinking about the problem and give your brain a chance to rest and renew.
Fourth—Illuminate: Wait for insights to come and write them down when they arrive.
Fifth—Implement: Put your best ideas into action.

You keep track of the process by writing about it and reflecting on what you have written. Writing slows the brain, signals the brain to pay attention, and helps it link unconnected ideas. Writing will help you identify the right questions, organize your thoughts, and gain clarity. Writing ignites the creative mind.

In the Big Ideas Connect The Dots Workshop you’ll learn how to use the Big Ideas Creative Thinking Model to address problems and come up with more creative solutions for even your most difficult business and personal challenges.