Big Ideas


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You have problems—mind-bending, frustrating, annoying problems.

You need solutions. You need good ideas, and you need to know how to get them.

Where do you start in the search for ideas? Not just good ideas, but profound, focused, life-changing ideas?

Big ideas.

Drawing on captivating examples from thousands of years past, to the most cutting-edge neuroscience, the book Big Ideas tells the mesmerizing story of how many of the world’s best ideas came about as a result of serious problems that required superior thinking. The first half of the book is a captivating study of the science of the brain, brainwaves, sleep, and the impact of technology on the quality of thought, ingenuity and peace of mind. The treasured Aha! Moment aka – gamma spike, is explained and detailed as to how it transforms us and the world we live in.

The second part of Big Ideas presents a simple, five-step model, available to anyone who wants to access wisdom, and experience more Aha! Moments and better thinking in their daily life. It is a wonderful book brimming with insight and discovery.