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Slow Down

Slow Down and Pay Attention - Answers are All Around You. Slow Down We live in an age of speed, where faster is seen as better. In your grandparents’ day, if they missed the train, they waited three days for the next one to come by. Now we experience acute anxiety of we miss the first section of a revolving door. Faster is not always better, especially when it comes to thinking. Creativity is...
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Inspiration and Motivation

Are inspiration and motivation two manifestations of the same thing? Or are they different things entirely? They are similar in that they both affect how we feel but are very different in how they make us feel. If there were an Inspiration Continuum, motivation would be at one end, and inspiration would be at the other. Inspiration is soul-centered creativity that powers focused activity toward a...
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Creative THINKING Model

Many world-changing discoveries have been born from a single flash of insight. There are countless examples of people who were stuck, sometimes for years, with problems they couldn’t solve or questions they couldn’t answer and then unexpectedly, the answers arrived like a flash of light. Einstein’s theories on light, time, and gravity came to him in an instant. Geneticist Barbara...
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