The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable and complex, and with this complexity comes the need for groundbreaking ways to navigate the maze.

According to a recent IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs from sixty countries and thirty-three industries, top executives believe that creativity and innovation are of greater importance in addressing this complexity than are rigor, discipline, integrity, or even vision.


Our purpose is to help our clients implement the BIG IDEAS Creativity Model in organizational and team settings and apply it to their specific problems. We can help your enterprise become more innovative with one-on-one and small group consulting plus the Connect The Dots Thinking Workshop.

Craig has had extensive experience as a trainer, executive coach, strategy consultant, sales and marketing executive, and company president. He spent twelve years at FranklinCovey as vice president of the division that serviced companies in the technology, direct selling, automobile manufacturing, and transportation industries. He worked with industry giants Nu Skin Enterprises, Amway, Nature’s Sunshine, USANA Health Sciences, and Avon on projects that took him to over 30 countries. During that time, he trained over 200,000 people in personal development and leadership and directed FranklinCovey’s international expansion, setting up company operations and sales teams in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. He also consulted on projects designed to increase productivity at General Motors, Chrysler, UPS, and other companies.

Craig co-founded the strategy consulting company, The One Thing Group, based upon the principles in Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. Craig helped his clients identify and track the most relevant metrics that drove their business growth and profitability.


With over twenty years of writing, publishing, and network marketing experience behind us, we are uniquely qualified to help you produce the book you’ve always wanted to write. We work with you to help figure out what kind of book you want and our services are personalized to your specific needs. Read more about how we can help get your message out to the world.